Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Shaykh Abdurrahman ash-Shaghouri

We went twice to Shaykh Abdurrahman ash-Shaghouri's (rahimahu Allah) home on Jabl Qasyoon with Shaykh Muhammad al-Yakoubi.

On the first occasion, he looked at us as we walked into his room to greet him and have a seat . He pointed to the heavens and said: "Laa taufiqa illa billah!" ("There is no Taufiq, except through Allah!")

When I think back, I can't remember how loud his voice was when he said it. That is because he had difficulty speaking (I assume due to his age at the time). But, the intensity with which he said it erased my memory of his volume - since it does not matter. Now, those words are chiseled deep into my heart.

The second time we went was when he invited us for dinner. That was amazing. SubhanAllah, even at his age I saw him struggling to eat his own food himself, not wanting any assistance. He was close to 100 years old, I think.

His face was one of those faces you could look at all day - but wouldn't out of awe. I can tell you that his face had an illumination that you have to see to believe.

May Allah forgive him, and enter him into jannat-i-firdaus. Ameen.


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