Saturday, April 16, 2005



I was with Shaykh Muhammad al-Yacoubi (yahfidhahu Allah). He was taking me around Damascus showing me various important locations. We passed by the graves of some auliyaa' and got on the topic of Sufism. He mentioned that there are three principles: eating less, sleeping less and talking less.

He told me a good trick to eat less. First, count how many bites you take at a meal. Then, decrease the number of bites by one for a week. For example, if you take 40 bites in a meal, decrease it to 39 bites. Then, decrease the number of bites by 1 each week. That way your body does not even notice.

He said there were some auliyaa' that needed to eat only very very little.

May Allah give us taufiq.



Blogger Ecstasy of the Heart said...

Salaam Aleikum

I am looking for Shaykh Al-Yacoubi's contact information. I have a pressing question, and it his his knowledge and wisdom I seek in answering it.

I would have emailed you privately concerning this, as would have been my preference, but there was no email address listed on your profile page.

Thank you!


12 March, 2007 15:47  

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