Saturday, April 16, 2005

the youth


I met Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar before I met Shaykh Zulfiqar.

The first time I met Shaykh Husain I asked him for advice in dealing with the youth in our community. I explained that many of them are good, but that they need guidance. He said he did not have experience with this and remained quiet. Though I was surprised, I did not press him.

Later, he said he did have something he wanted to say about the question. SubhanAllah.

He mentioned the hadith regarding what happens when Allah loves someone...that He orders the angels to love the same person and eventually, they also announce this.

So, he mentioned that if we straighten ourselves out, others can't help but love us and that will be the best way to affect them. He gave examples of people he knew that had caused changes for the better in the lives of their family members - not by directly telling them to change, but by changing themselves for the better.

This answer settled in my heart. May Allah reward him and love me and him.


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